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7 Reasons to Hire a Consultant for your Small Business

by Dan Roberts on 04/15/18

If you’re a small business owner, you’re already pre-disposed to keeping a tight watch on expenses. Naturally, any financial decision is on that comes with some considerable thought and even some hand-wringing. After all, you’ve gotten this far on your own. You wear multiple hats on a daily basis, and have been successful to this point. Why should you spend the money? Is it worth it? The simple answer is yes, but here are seven reasons why:

1.       A Consultant removes emotion from challenges and difficult decisions

Sometimes business owners can be faced with challenging and emotional decisions. Countless hours were spent building the business into what it is today. Many folks – whether it be employees, vendors or family members – helped to get it to this point. But it may be time for some hard choices. A consultant can come in with a fresh perspective and give you the unemotional and unabashed advice needed to move forward in the growth of your business.

2.       Consultants are Professional Problem-Solvers

Let’s face it – this is why you’re even considering a consultant to begin with: there something amiss in your business. Consultants are able to come in and help diagnose the challenge in front of you, and develop a plan of action to help you get moving.

3.       Consultants are Teachers

This is our personal favorite, and not just because we both had had experience leading trainings or teaching classes. No – the real value a good consultant brings to the table is that they help you the small business owner learn something new. Perhaps it’s a sales strategy, a client relationship system or a new payment processing platform – the consultant should give you the knowledge needed to help your business become more efficient, and profitable.

4.       You don’t have the internal staff to level up

This is one major reason why hiring a consultant makes sense: you need a rock star to help you get to the next level in your business. The other major reason…

5.       You don’t have the expertise to level up

This is an extension of number 3, really. And it’s a common challenge for many newer small business owners as well, particularly those who are amazing in one particular area. The need to be competent in so many areas of a business (HR, Accounting, IT … the list goes on) can be too much. A consultant can make up for that shortcoming.

6.       To help launch a business

Launching may be the toughest part of getting started for some, particularly if you are doing it alone. A consultant give you an opportunity to bounce ideas around, strategize around financial decisions, and hone in on your marketing message and target audience to name a few. And of course, it’s great to have another set of eyes to review documents, licenses, and leases.

7.       To facilitate change

Finally, one of the hardest challenges to overcome is that of change. It is human nature to resist change, often times because it is so uncomfortable. A good consultant knows this, and helps businesses navigate the emotional minefield that is filled with fear, anxiety and uncertainty. They also can inspire a business to tackle the change by setting digestible goals.


Finally, if you’re a business owner looking at bringing on a consultant – do your homework. Line up a few choices, ask about how they work with their clients, and seek out testimonials. When you make your choice, make sure you are ready to dive in head first with someone you like and trust.

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