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About Business Bridging Solutions
Business Bridging Solutions (or BBS, as we like to call it) was born out of the idea that there are just not enough accessible resources to help small businesses grow. And with 30.2 million full and part-time independent professionals, we are uniquely positioned to help. 

  • We relate to the journey you're on – we were once a start-up, and over the years we've continued to change, grow, and evolve to match the needs of our business.
  • We’ve built connections to a variety of professional service providers and organizations to better serve our clients, their struggles and their needs.
  • We're committed to education, so that we can help clients innovate & transform to reach their goals.
  • We seek to inspire our clients to reach new heights: no one likes a great small business success story like we do.

Small Businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we are committed to serving them.

Our Vision is to positively impact 1 Million small business owners and their employees through the work we do within the next 10 years.
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Elisa helped me organize my businesses into many parts. She wrote out long term/short term plans, suggested daily tasks, created marketing tools, offered improved verbiage on marketing materials, websites, social network sites, etc., With her strong vision, and "push," our accountability meetings kept me on my toes, and moved me forward.

-Roseann Haslett, 
Roseann Haslett Fine Art
Meet the Team
Elisa Roberts, MS

Elisa founded Business Bridging Solutions in 2009 after a successful multi-industry career spanning management positions in compliance, healthcare, IT, mortgage, education and hospitality service industries. Having earned a Bachelors in Business Administration, her experience across these disciplines created two distinct and invaluable skill sets: first, an increased ability to break down miscommunication amongst teams; and, the ability to properly diagnose problems and implement solutions.

Along this journey, Elisa earned her Master’s Degree in E-commerce and her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from National University. These programs have proved instrumental in her ability to communicate between technical engineers and C-suite business leaders. It was at this point she realized most problems can be solved through constantly learning from and connecting to experts in other fields. It wasn’t long before she helped launch the Carmel Mountain chapter of the Small Business Referral Group where she served as President. She is often a featured speaker and panelist, most recently having done so at the Miramar College Business Workshop. She currently serves on that College’s advisory board for their business degree programs as well. As an active member of the North San Diego Business Chamber, Elisa serves on the healthcare and small business advocacy committees.

When not surrounded by all things small business or BBS, Elisa enjoys having fun with Dan and their two children.

Dan Roberts, MBA

After years of talking about it (and quietly working behind the scenes), Dan officially joined Business Bridging Solutions in May 2016. No matter if he was working in financial services, higher education, or volunteering for a non-profit, Dan has consistently found himself in the role of teaching, training, or coaching. Whether teaching small business courses at Miramar College; coaching sports teams for his kids; or training employees in previous organizations – Dan loves helping people learn new skills so they can reach new heights of success. 

For almost ten years, Dan had served on the leadership team of the San Diego Film Festival, combining his passion for coaching with his love of movies. Currently, he is a member of the North San Diego Business Chamber, serving on the Health, Economic and Small Business Advocacy committees. He also serves on the Business Advisory Board at Miramar College and is a part of the leadership team for the Small Business Referral Group. Originally from New Jersey, Dan earned his undergraduate degree at Rutgers University, and his Master’s in Business Administration from National University here in San Diego.

When not immersed in BBS, Dan loves spending time with Elisa and their two kids.